API Q2 Management Standard

API Q2 Management Standard is for Service Supply Organisations, particularly those who provide equipment and software, where the Service responsibility remains with the Supplier. An example would be the rental or hire of drilling equipment.

API Q2 was developed, with an emphasis service on Drilling services, when often key equipment is rented and there are issues relating to managing the rating of product depending of the product working life history.

Interestingly as part of the Standard, there is the option of Segment related Annexes to make more relevant to other Services provided to the Oil & Gas

• Q2 Service Quality Plan for each Contract
• Monitor item deterioration from new (need service history or key characteristics of present condition (e.g. to down-rate as item ages) + need data from Operator on the operating condition of the item in use (e.g. rental of downhole tooling))

For Companies requiring API certification, there is a choice between API Q1 & Q2, but which to choose is not necessarily straight forward. For more details contact Charter 4, please call 01635 595123 or email info@charter4.com.

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