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Why are API specifications different from ISO?

Mistakes, non-productive time and accidents can be very dangerous and expensive in the Oil & Gas industry. The American Petroleum Institute (API) have been developing their Specifications to help manage the risks and reduce non-productive time.

API Q1 & Q2 certification are the product and service-related Quality Standards/ Specifications for the Oil & Gas Industry. Certification opens new sales opportunities, improves quality and customer service. It also makes your business more resilient and helps with management & improvement (rather than fire-fighting). API QI can either be as a stand-alone Certification or often in conjunction with the API Monogram Program, which involves compliance to the specific API Product and Technical Specifications.

Contact us today to also benefit from API Q1 & Q2 certification and accreditation with increased sales opportunities and operational efficiency. The requirements are well tested and help improve operations, productivity and profitability.

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What is API Q1 & Q2 Certification?

How to gain API Q1 and Q2 certification

What are API Q1 & Q2 Certification?

API Q1 and Q2 Specifications have been developed and refined by API (American Petroleum Institute) as the Quality Management Standards, specifically relevant to the Oil & Gas Industry. It is not the only way of improving Quality in Oil & Gas Industries, but it is rapidly becoming the accepted system.

API Q1 & Q2 are built on the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard approach but with extra requirements relevant to supplying products and services to the Oil & Gas Industry. For instance with API Q1

  • Compliance then improvement
  • Managing of change
  • Risk management of not achieving product quality & delivery

ISO 9001 has been modified especially in 2000 to be more relevant for Service Organisations, which account for over 85% of businesses in the Developed economies. Additionally there has been the move to use a common top-level Index (Annex SL) to enable better integration with other Management Standards including ISO 14001 Environmental, ISO 27001 Information Security and other ISO Management Standards. These changes have reduced the Manufacturing controls. API Q1 and its associated API Monogram Program, linked to the API Product Specifications, have been developed to rectify this bias.

API Q2 has been developed for Organisations providing Services and Product Service to the Oil & Gas industry.


  • ISO 29001 is no longer equivalent to the current API Q1 standard (9th Edition)
  • API Q1 & Q2 has different numbering from current ISO 9001, ISO 29001 and the new Annex SL numbering.

 How to gain API Q1 or Q2 and/or API Monogram certification

API QI, Q2 & API Monogram – Only API can issue Certificates. This results in a different application process to ISO 9001 and other ISO Management standards. Assistance recommended, otherwise it can be frustrating experience. Contact us.

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