API Q1 Addendum 2 Changes

The API Q1 Addendum 2 has been implemented. If you have not implemented, then you are in non-conformance with your endorsed agreement with the API. Have you documented the evaluation of the changes and started implementing the changes to your Supply chain management?

What is the significance of Addendum 2?  In 2014 approximately more than 10,000 fasteners related to deepwater activities were replaced.  BSEE stated in their report that “There were QA/QC issues with second and third tier sub-contracted vendors that performed heat treatment processes and QA/QC manufacture, design, and material properties (hardness) issues with the bolts for effective subsea operation”.

The cause of the failure was related to hydrogen induced stress corrosion cracking due to hydrogen embrittlement.

BSEE further stated “The quality management system (QMS), which met the industry standards and certification programs, qualified and audited only first-tier level suppliers and not others in the supply chain. BSEE is encouraging industry to develop an improved quality management standard that addresses multiple tier subcontractors and promoting failure reporting involving critical safety equipment.

This is the catalyst that began the work to formulate the Addendum 2 changes to Q1.

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