Why your business needs to convert from ISO 29001 to API Q1

Is your business registered to the Oil and Gas Industry Standard ISO 29001? Did you know that if you want to continue to supply to the Oil & Gas industry, you now need to convert to API Q1?

As of 1st June 2014, API was no longer considered ISO/TS 29001: 2010 Petroleum, Petrochemical and Natural Gas Industries Standard, as being equivalent to API Q1 and the APIQR Registration Program.  All previously ISO/TS 29001: 2010 certificates of registration issued by API, must be immediately be destroyed or returned to API.

The API Q1 9th edition introduced significant changes with 5 new sections and 85 new clauses. Companies can maintain a quality management system meeting the requirements of ISO/TS 29001:2010; however, it will no longer be equivalent to API Q1, nor relevant for the API Monogram program concerning compliance to an API Specification. Find out more on API Q1 here.

Current API ISO/TS 29001 Registered Organisations have the following options:

1. Transition to a registration under API Spec Q1, 9th Edition. The details are documented on the API’s website for completing the application package for API QR Registration. This will require significant changes to your Quality Management System.

2.  If no further action has been taken, then your API QR ISO/TS 29001:2010 registration will have been withdrawn on 1st June 2014.

3. Transfer to an ANAB or UKAS accredited Assessors for continued ISO 29001 certification

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