Charter 4 can help you complete the API conformity matrix

The API Conformity Matrix can be daunting

API’s Conformance Matrix is required to be completed by all new API Spec Q1 registering organisations. Orginally it was created for the change to the 9th Edition to manage the transition. The 9th Edition was a significant change, with over 85 new Clauses and 5 new Sections. The changes include new concepts like Risk management as well as new requirements and new numbering. These changes needed serious review before the completion of the Conformance Matrix and the implementation of the changes ready for the next API Audit. The Conformance Matrix is not quick to complete, since there are 425 lines of headings and requirements.

  • Have you reviewed the requirements?
  • Have you determined how to comply with the requirements?
  • Have you documented the requirements?
  • Have you completed the Conformity Matrix and returned it to API?

Charter 4 Solutions are the only UK based dedicated and experienced Consultancy for the API range of Management Standards. We are here to help reduce the problems with the achieving API Q1 (and Q2) Certification which now is to the 9th Edition, which was used to introduce new concepts and requirements, especially connected to Risk.

If you want a second opinion or assistance in completing the API Matrix as well as preparing for your transition and your next API Audit, call us on 01635 595123 or email

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