List of ISO Management Standards

ISO Management Standards is a generic term, which covers compliance to an expanding range of Management related International Standards. ISO have published over 19,500 standards. However most are technical standards related to product specifications. The expansion into Management System Standards was started with the publishing of ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard in 1987. Since then the Management Standards have significantly increased in number and scope.

The most popular standards are:

There are now Management Standards covering many other areas of Organisations’ possible activities, which include:

  • Energy Management – ISO 50001
  •  Social Responsibility – ISO 26000
  • Risk Management – ISO 31000
  • Sustainable Events – ISO 20121

Additionally there are Management Standards providing Industry specific requirements, which are usually based on ISO 9001. These have been created because ISO 9001 in particular has changed to better cover Service Organisations’ requirements and be more Business oriented (rather than Quality Assurance & Quality Control). This has resulted in Industries developing more specific requirements with greater emphasis on Manufacturing and compliance to Product requirements. Examples include:

  •  Food Safety – ISO 22000 & CMi
  •   IT Service Management – ISO 20000
  •   Medical Devices – ISO 13485
  •   Oil & Gas – API Q1 & Q2
  •   Aerospace – AS 9100 & 9120

Lastly under the relevant EU Directives & Regulations, relating the CE Marks, there is reference to the Harmonised Standards which are issued under the “EN” initials. The framework of of the requirements are based on ISO 9001 but with more specific requirements:

  •   ISO 13485 – for Medical Devices
  •   ISO 3834 – for Factory Production Control under the Construction Products Regulations

Then for the specific products requirements there are references to specific EN Harmonised Standards like EN 1090.

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