Charter 4 can provide worldwide assistance for complying with 9th edition of API Q1

API Q1 Conformity Matrix was originally to assist with the significant transition to API Q1 9th Edition.

The API Q1 9thEdition has been a significant upgrade and the changes include:

  • Renumbering of all clauses
  • 85+ new clauses
  • 5 new sections
  • New concepts including Risk Management, Management of Change, Contingency Planning, Preventative Maintenance, Production Realisation Capability

Additionally Q1 had traditionally covered both Service & Manufacturing. With the 9th Edition, Q1 now concentrates on Manufacturing. API Q2 is for Service and Product Service Organistions.

Now the Conformity Matrix is being used as part of the application process as well.

Charter 4 Solutions can now provide worldwide assistance to API Q1 certified and new organisations, who need to comply to the 9th Edition’s requirements. Depending on your need, we offer documentation changes and Conformity Matrix completion to onsite consultancy, remote training and support to  to meet your deadline.

Please urgently contact us on or +44 (0)1635 595123+44 (0)1635 595123

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