Options to achieve ISO

Before considering the documentation/ implementation options, it is good to consider
– Presentation of Information for Employees
– Internal resources

Presentation of Information for Employees

What is the most suitable presentation of Information for Employees and other Stakeholders (eg Customers, Field staff, Suppliers and Shareholders [ and Assessors]). The four main options are
1. Paper – text documents – traditional presentation method

2. Paper – process diagrams – clearer presentation of movements within the business but cumbersome for updating

3. Hyperlinked Documents / Process Diagrams – cheap to set-up but expensive and labour intensive to maintain. The emphasis will be on continual updating and compliance instead of improvements. Additionally the menus normally list the file names which can confuse the person searching and requires extra mouse clicks to find the relevant information

4. Integrated Electronic Business Model with linked Process Diagrams – navigation is systemised. Easy to develop and grow with the business. Example


• Internal Resources – Availability and the level of existing experienced Skills within the Business. These can range from “Developed and achieved ISO 9001 for last two employers and is available to start the project” to “Do not know where to start and do not have the time to start from scratch”.

• Within most Organisations today, key Managers are expected to cover an expanding range of areas of expertise within the same working week. Few Businesses can afford the luxury of dedicating the required personnel to new projects. It is normally much more efficient and effective to purchase the expertise for the project. This means

• Consultants – quality can vary significantly and can be expensive. Important to see previous work to understand their strengths and weaknesses
o Purchase Templates documents but this need more internal commitment and resources for an successful project
o Onsite Consultancy which will assist the documentation of your existing processes and documentation to fulfil the Standards requirements as well assist in achieving your Business objectives. The consultant should also assist with the implementation, training, internal checks and Assessment. Example of different approaches include

PriceRight – is the Cost-Effective Solution – We personalise & document your Processes & Systems to comply to the relevant Standard and check compliance (complete Internal Audit) before UKAS accredited Assessment.
ManageRight is the Time Effective Solution – Makes best use of your time. Flexible Onsite Consultancy personalised to your requirements (either as a package or ad-hoc) with option of different documentation formats including your editable online Business Model / Document Management / Company Resource.
RiskRight is the Risk Reduced Solution – as ManageRight but additionally operational, administration and updating assistance.
– Workshop is the Business group Solution – ideal if there is a group of businesses, wanting to achieve the same Management Standard. Provides an efficient and cost effective solution that combines the group learning benefits with personalised help at your site.

Please contact us for a no-obligation discussion – info@charter4.com or 01635 595123 orhttp://www.charter4.com/about-charter-4/contact-us/ . We can then discuss your requirements.

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